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What sets us apart from other property management companies is transparency from the beginning.  We won’t bore you with a speech about how many years we’ve been in business and other general info that has nothing to do with performance.  Instead we focus on one main category and that’s marketing.  We out market and out work our competitors and that’s why clients choose Commercial Lease Locators over other property managers.

We utilize the following tactics to lease up quickly and reduce vacancy rates.  Keep in mind all of this is done at “No Cost” to the client.

  1. Online paid traffic
  2. Social media
  3. Local online commercial real estate directories
  4. 1st page ranking on google for your location
  5. Direct access to out-of-town businesses that are looking for space.
  6. 80,000+ website impressions per month
  7. Custom video to drive more interest via YouTube
  8. Private broker list
  9. We work nights and weekends

CLL is a boutique full-service customer-focused commercial property management and leasing company based in Austin, Texas.

CLL offers a complete range of property management services personalized to our clients needs. We are committed to serving clients with the utmost professionalism, integrity, and loyalty, which we believe are vital ingredients toward a successful long-term relationship with our clients.

Don’t make the mistake of working with a commercial property management company that puts a sign at your property and waits for tenants to call.

Professional Commercial Property Management Services for Retail, Office, and Light Industrial Spaces

RETAIL – For retail establishments, it’s easy for owners to get bogged down in the day-to-day management of their retail operations. Property owners can enlist professional rental management services to ensure that the needs of their property are not neglected or overlooked and that the property retains its value and future marketability

OFFICE – CLL is prepped to manage executive office suites in Austin and surrounding areas. Our commercial property managers quickly alleviate the issues that most commonly arise in an office park setup such as tenant management, rent collection, accounting, problem resolution, common maintenance area management, collections, and evictions

INDUSTRIAL – CLL property management comes with a wide array of requirements that go above and beyond what is necessary for a regular office or retail property lease. These are only part of the reasons you need property management professionals, like CLL, who can ensure you are getting the most out of your industrial property.

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Stop wasting time with outdated property management companies that do the bare minimum.

Commercial Property Management Services, Leasing, and Sales.

We provide property management, leasing services, sales services and tenant representation services for retail, office and industrial real estate of all sizes and sub-types.

Our commercial property division takes a methodical and individualized approach when caring for your asset. No matter what job we are tasked with, we have the ability to pull real-time market statistics to determine exactly how your property fits into the grand scheme of the current market.  Plus, we develop a marketing plan that goes beyond industry standards.

We believe that in order to maximize the benefit of owning commercial real estate you must treat your property as a unique individual and cater to its specific needs. As your manager, we are trained to assess your properties needs based upon lease agreements and by observing the general needs of the facility.

Our Commercial Property Management Services Out Market the Competition