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Lease Warehouse Space in Dallas, Texas

Every business reaches a point where they need a dedicated space or a larger warehouse – and finding the right one can be tough. Commercial real estate works very differently from residential real estate. And for the inexperienced, the entire process can be confusing.

Getting professional help finding and negotiating leases for warehouse space can make the process easy and give you peace of mind. Commercial Lease Locators specializes in helping businesses like yours find the perfect space to grow.

Whether you need to rent a small warehouse or a large one we can help. We have over 11 years of experience in finding commercial warehouses, negotiating leases, renewals & expansions, and purchasing warehouse space for sale in the Dallas, Texas metro area. Our fees are paid for by landlords so our service is FREE to you.

Not all commercial real estate agents have the experience to negotiate good terms and avoid common mistakes. The key to securing a good lease is finding an agent with a proven track record. Here’s how a good agent can make finding the perfect space easy.

Find a Light Industrial Location for Your Business Quickly and Easily

If you are looking for light industrial or warehouse space in Dallas, then you are in luck. Unlike other major cities, it’s possible to get affordable warehouse space within a short distance from the central business district in Dallas.

Along with all the main arterial roads, there are small to medium-sized industrial parks that have a large variety of spaces. Although there is a large concentration of industrial space by the airport, Commercial Lease Locators can find you a suitable space in almost any part of the city.

When you work with us, you are guaranteed a high level of professional service. All our agents have been working in Dallas for years and have an intimate understanding of the local market. We have negotiated countless leases and know exactly how to extract the best value for business owners.

Most importantly, our agents take the time to go through complex lease agreements with you. Before you sign on the dotted line, we want to make sure you understand everything you are agreeing to and answer all your questions in the beginning so you can avoid surprises later.

Once we have guided you through the terms and conditions, we will negotiate any necessary changes. Commercial landlords can be flexible and we have experience in getting concessions and extras included in leases for our clients. In short, we can get you a better deal.

You may think you can find and sign a lease on your own and you wouldn’t be wrong – of course, you can. This may save you money in the short term but if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s likely to come back to bite you later.

Many amateurs don’t understand complex lease documents, which means they can’t negotiate well for a good price or terms. The small savings in agent fees end up costing much more in the long run. Whatever you do, make sure to avoid these top mistakes when signing a commercial lease.

Types of Industrial Warehouse Space for Lease

Commercial Industrial properties can be categorized in many different ways as they have different features designed for different business uses. It’s important for every company or business owner to have a basic understanding of the differences and be able to articulate their needs to their commercial real estate agent.

The basic descriptions of industrial properties are:

Warehouse & Distribution

Typically used for storage and distribution of materials, products, or equipment. They will generally have one or more loading docks (either dock high for trucks to back up to or grade level which allow trucks to drive into the facility). These buildings generally have less than 15% office. 18 wheeler access is almost certain and some even have rail. Ceiling heights vary between 20 to 30 feet high. Average sizes range from 10,000 to 50,000 sf or more.


Large versatile buildings that can be broken down into smaller units. Tend to be one-story, concrete tilt-wall buildings with windows on one side. They provide use flexibility between office, warehouse, light manufacturing, laboratory, research & development, showroom, and some retail. Users will generally have their own exterior entrance, private restrooms, and sometimes overhead doors at the rear entrance. Ceiling heights maybe 20 feet or less and the office portion will probably have a dropped ceiling. You typically find these in nicer industrial business parks with nice parking areas and landscaping.

R&D Buildings

Widely used by tech industries (computer, biotechnology, electronics, etc) since they fulfill a number of needs such as warehouse, manufacturing, and office. These are typically located in Semi-Industrial business parks with a lot of parking.


Widely used by tech industries (computer, biotechnology, electronics, etc) since they fulfill a number of needs such as warehouse, manufacturing, and office. These are typically located in Semi-Industrial business parks with a lot of parking.

Warehouses for Retail Operations

The growth of online retail has increased the need for fulfillment, logistics, & distribution warehousing. They also use these locations for showroom, customer support, & training.

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