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Dental office space for lease in Austin, Texas

Are you looking for prime office space for your dental practice? If so, maybe you’re overwhelmed by the limitless options.

Whether you’re looking to establish a brand new dental business or want to relocate your existing practice, getting started is the hardest part. That’s where Commercial Lease Locators come in.

You wouldn’t try going door-to-door when you’re looking to move homes, yet many people make the error of going it alone when hunting down a new commercial office lease. Don’t make that mistake!

By engaging the services of a great commercial real estate agent, you can leave all the hard work to the professionals. You see, negotiating a commercial lease is complex. You’ll be faced with long, dry documents weighed down with legalese.

Are you going to read those thoroughly and understand all of it? The problem is, if you don’t, you could get locked into a really bad deal.

We’ve got some good news, though.

We can take care of all this for you.

Here’s more about why it makes perfect sense to let us find you the best dental office space in Austin, Texas.

Find Office Space For Your Dental Practice in Austin

If you’re thinking of establishing a dental practice in Austin, there’s no shortage of options at your disposal.

Perhaps you are considering Downtown Austin? The central business district is close to all major hospitals and has a great deal of foot traffic, but it’s still highly accessible by car or public transport. There are plenty of affluent suburbs surrounding Downtown so you can maximize your trade with a prime location there.

Maybe you’d like a practice in Central Austin in a wealthy suburb close to the University of Texas and the medical centers? You could look north or south if you want your dental practice somewhere farther from the hustle and bustle without sacrificing potential business.

All you need to do is tell us your preferred location and we’ll find as many locations that meet or exceed your needs.  Next up, we’ll set up viewings that work with your work schedule.  Once you’ve selected a location we’ll handle the negotiations and paperwork on your behalf.

It really is that easy.

Choosing to use Commercial Lease Locators might just be the smartest move you could make for your new business and here’s why…

We go through this exact process for local business owners on a daily basis. We know how to track down the best commercial properties on the market and we work quickly to make your move as stress-free as possible.

Once we’ve secured the ideal dental office, we’ll make sure you fully understand the terms of the lease and we’ll work hard to get the most attractive deal possible.

You might feel you could do all of this on your own and you’re right. You could. But would you be likely to do this as effectively as a company with years of experience in commercial real estate?

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Stop wasting time looking at outdated listings online and calling commercial brokers that don’t answer their phone or won’t call you back.

Leasing a Dental Office – Get Expert Guidance

Trying to negotiate a commercial lease alone is a recipe for disaster. Sure, you may luck out with a suitable premise and find an amenable landlord. If you’re doubly fortunate, you might even accomplish this in a reasonable timeframe.

In most instances, this is not the case. We have helped many people who have tried and failed to acquire the best commercial lease, then realized we could do it for them at no cost.

Here are 5 of the most common mistakes our clients ran into when attempting to find office space for their dental practice.

  • Failure To Scrutinize The Lease

Most people, when confronted by a lengthy legal document, do little more than skim through it before yawning and filing it away. If this document were the warranty for a cheap product, it’s unlikely to create a problem.

With a commercial lease, on the other hand, this document contains the terms of your future prosperity or possible failure of your business.

Unexpected expenses can easily ruin a business. We’ll make absolutely certain the lease represents your best interests.

  • Fixating On One Location

Many clients tell us they wish they had not obsessed over one location, believing it would be the answer to all their business needs. Location is crucial, obviously. That said, if for any reason a property doesn’t make the best fit for your dental practice, it’s senseless clinging to it for emotional reasons. Think with your head, not your heart. Examine all your options and remain flexible.

  • Overlooking Lease Options

When looking for new dental office space, economic downturns or a change in circumstances might be far from your mind. Bad things happen, though.

Be sensible and factor in get-out clauses for your peace of mind. At a bare minimum, you want to be able to sublease the premises if your situation changes and you need to move on.

If you sign a longer lease, make sure you get some kind of concession for this commitment. If you’re not happy with a 10-year lease, ask for a shorter term with a renewal option. All leases can be negotiated. Let us know what you want and we’ll do this for you.

  • Can You Assign The Lease?

Let’s face it. However rosy things look now, you might want to sell up and move on further down the track. Failing to take this possibility into account leads to many people signing a document where the landlord can terminate the lease if you want to assign it to someone you’re selling the business to. Make sure the lease gives you freedom in this area or you might end up stuck or losing profit.

  • Not Negotiating Well Enough

Most of our clients who struggled finding locations alone said failing to negotiate hard enough cost them dearly. It’s a common mistake to assume a lease is written in stone. Everything is negotiable.

Draw up a list of everything you object to and we’ll run it by the landlord for you. You might be pleasantly surprised at how you can slant the deal in your favor.

All-day, every day – you take care of your dental patients and do what you do best. For us, it’s exactly the same with office leases.

Why not focus on your business and let us use the full weight of our expertise to get you the best possible deal?

Make Sure Your Dental Practice is in the Best Location

If you’re a new dentist to the Austin, Texas market than check out the Texas Dental Association before starting your search.

First, either fill out the easy form below or call us at 512-920-6270.  Tell us where you’d like to look at properties, what size space you have in mind, along with your budget.

We’ll promptly send you a detailed report and photos so you can let us know which locations you’d like to view.

Once you’ve assembled your shortlist, we’ll arrange viewings for you, then hash out the lease details so you get a fantastic deal.

You can risk going at it alone or engage Commercial Lease Locators and get the best commercial lease for your dental practice in Austin.

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