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Medical office space for lease in San Antonio, TX

Looking for the right medical office space lease for your medical practice is an important decision and not one to be made lightly. So where are you supposed to start?

Pick a location and sign a lease, right? Not so fast – If you want a good lease for your medical practice, getting through the signing process may not be as easy as it seems.

Unlike residential leases, there are no universal standards or laws protecting commercial renters. The benefits and costs of your commercial lease depend on how well you negotiate with the landlord.

That’s why using a commercial tenant rep or commercial real estate agent with experience handling these types of contracts may be in your best interest. If you haven’t signed many commercial office leases or are unfamiliar with what you can or should negotiate for, having the right representation is crucial.

After all, securing space for your medical office is a huge commitment and relocating or running into other unforeseen problems can be devastating for your practice.

Not all commercial tenant representatives have the experience to help you negotiate for the best lease terms though. Here’s how having the right expert on your side can help you get the best deal for the perfect office space.

Leasing Medical Office Space Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

When choosing an office location, there’s a lot to consider. Make sure to factor in things like road access, size and appearance of the building, tenant fit-up, and other amenities that contribute to client convenience and satisfaction.

If you’re searching for a medical office around San Antonio, you’re in luck because there are many ideal locations to run your practice. For example, Downtown Austin is located in the central business district and highly accessible via car or public transportation.

For those who prefer to be away from the commotion of the center, there are plenty of affluent suburbs in Austin that need medical services and offer excellent locations. Available office space is conveniently placed in shopping centers, making it accessible and convenient for potential clients.

Using a professional commercial agent ensures you get access to the most up-to-date notifications on what is available. Just let your agent know your search criteria and let them find the best spaces and options for you to choose from.

A commercial agent has experience helping others just like you secure a proper site that is suitable for your practice. Your agent also helps negotiate the terms and conditions of your contract and can answer the most important questions you have.

Some people may think using an agent is an unnecessary added cost. This thought is 100% false because there’s no fee or commission paid by you.

The property management company pays the commission for our service.

Although you can secure an office location on your own, an agent is familiar with the ins and outs of lease terms and can often negotiate a better deal on your behalf than you would solo. If you do attempt to lease a medical office on your own, make sure to avoid these common mistakes.

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Don’t Make These Common Mistakes

Before signing a new lease, make sure you’ve negotiated for terms you’re happy with and that will protect you in case something happens.

Consider things like proper zoning, common area maintenance (CAM) fees, and clauses to keep you protected when something unexpected occurs. Here are some common mistakes renters make when signing a commercial lease.

Signing a long term medical office lease without negotiating any allowances

Landlords love it when renters sign a long-term lease because they don’t have to worry about getting it rented out again for that duration of time. They avoid costs like cleaning, advertising the space, and rent lost during new lease acquisition.

With that in mind, negotiate some perks in exchange for signing your long-term lease like free rent for a period of time while you get moved in or improvements to space at the landlord’s expense.

Relying on your landlord’s word only

While most landlords have the best of intentions, don’t rely on their word only. For example, they may indicate certain fees are included in your rent, but then you get a bill in the mail.

Make sure to get everything in writing so it’s clearly stated and there is no confusion if a dispute crops up. Pay attention to things like CAM fees, administration fees, or capital expenditures.

Using inexperienced tenant representatives

Just because you have representation doesn’t mean they know how to get the best deal for you. Inexperienced agents may help you through the terminology and contract terms but fall short of going the extra mile when it comes to pointing out certain conditions you haven’t thought about.

The biggest mistake we see is when a business hires a residential realtor to negotiate a commercial lease.  That’s like hiring a mechanic to do open-heart surgery.

Find an agent who has helped others through a similar process with valid testimonials about their proven track record for handling commercial leases.

An oversight in signing the lease could come back to bite you years later.

Forgetting to include a clause to get out of the contract

Anytime you are in business, unforeseen circumstances may pop up. Maybe you’ve found another location, want to expand or downsize your practice, or merge with another business. What are your options when it comes to terminating a lease early?

Make sure your contract includes a clause about subleasing or an option to sell in the future. Oftentimes, a landlord may have the right to terminate your lease if you ask to sell or reassign your business. A decent portion of the sale price can come from the prime location, so check the fine print and make sure it’s on your side.

Negotiating out of emotion

When it comes to business, leave the emotions out of it. You may come across a location and get attached to it before the lease is signed. Avoid thinking that your medical practice’s success depends on a certain location as it can lead you to accept terms that aren’t the best.

On another note, you may want to get your practice up and running as soon as possible. Avoid negotiating terms too quickly because you feel pressured to find a space as soon as possible. This type of thinking can lead you to agree to terms you don’t fully understand or aren’t comfortable with.

Whether you choose to have representation or not when searching for a lease is up to you. But remember, an experienced commercial real estate agent can help you navigate the legal jargon so you know exactly what you’re signing up for. Having an expert on your side also means they can negotiate on your behalf.

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If you’re looking for additional resources for your medical practice then take a look at the Texas Medical Association.  They have a great resource page!